How To Install Package Bees and Nucs

Package bees

It’s bee season! We get a lot of questions on the right way to install package bees or nucs, and whether you’re brand new or a seasoned veteran beekeeper, a refresher always comes in handy. We’ve also included a helpful

How to Install Bees from a Bee Bus

This year, our Purebred Russians will be arriving in a Bee Bus, learn how to install your bees with this helpful video from our friend Charles Linder. Check it out!

How Do I Prevent Swarms?

Honey bee swarm in a tree

There are two main types of swarms: overcrowding swarms and reproductive swarms. An overcrowding swarm happens when bees feel overcrowded in their space, they are more likely to swarm. A few main causes of an overcrowding swarm are: Problem: Nectar

Why Did my Bees Die?

Bee brood on frame

Too often the beekeeper will eagerly open up the hive after winter and to their dismay, discover their hive has died. It’s important to understand why your hive died in order to learn how you can effectively keep bees. Many

Feeding Protein to Enhance Brood Production

Bee Pro pollen patty on hive

The process of feeding pollen patties itself is simple, but determining if you need a pollen substitute and when to apply it can be a complicated process. The beekeeper must consider the colony size, weather and surrounding forage. The reason

Thinking About Keeping Bees? Part 2: Varieties, Where to Put Them, and How to Get Them

Beehives in a row

In Part 1 of our series, we covered some initial beekeeping considerations and outlined costs and time factors. We also made these assumptions for this series of articles, and they continue. They are: Assumption 1:  You will purchase equipment Assumption

Does reversing hive bodies in the spring prevent swarming?

By Dennis Brown, Lone Star Farms,, Author of “Beekeeping: A Personal Journey” and “Beekeeping: Questions and Answers” I’m often asked if it does any good to reverse your hive bodies in the spring? That’s a suggested way to prevent

Now available! 3 Grades of Deeps and Mediums!

Since 1924, we’ve been a leader in providing beekeepers with quality products and excellent customer service. We are excited to announce that we have expanded our selection in mediums and deeps. We now offer a Select Grade, Commercial Grade, and

Tips on Selecting Protective Clothing

Hooded beekeeping jacket with veil

Bees sting! As wonderful as honey bees are, they have the ability to inflict a great deal of pain with their venomous sting. Therefore it is common for beekeepers to have the well-known “bee suit”. I recall the first time

Hive Heating in the Winter

Hives in Winter

By Gary S. Reuter, Department of Entomology, University of Minnesota In this article I would like to discuss the factors in a honey bee colony that pertain to winter and early spring. How does a colony make it through the