1/0 Candle Wicking - 100 ft.

1/0 Candle Wicking - 100 ft.

Model #: MD367

Product Description

There are few things in life that give as much simple, unfiltered joy as making your own candles. Whether you've made thousands or none, our candle wicking will be a helpful piece in your candle making craft.

  • 1/0 square braid
  • Length: 100 ft.
  • Made with 100 percent natural fibers
  • Chemically treated to increase fire resistance for a longer burning light
  • Square braided to minimize carbon buildup - also creates that iconic curl when burned

This 1/0 square braid is great for tapers, hand-rolled candles, or candles 1-3 in. wide.

If you are buying wick for a candle over 3 in. wide, check out our 2/0 braid. We have a 50-ft. option and a 100-ft. option to suit your needs!