Classic Glass Jar

Classic Glass Jar

Model #: CN152, CN153, CN154

Product Description

Looking to show off or store your honey in a classic glass jar? These jars really let the natural color of your honey shine through, with the additional sparkle that only glass can bring. They are easy to fill and cap, and difficult to tip over due to a large base and low center of gravity. Both sides have straight panels that are great for labeling, and these jars also possess label guards to protect against scuffing.  Lids sold separately.

  • Easy to fill, and hard to tip over
  • Glass construction really makes your honey shine

Note: For additional security and food safety, we suggest using our Shrink Bands (Item No. 462) .

Note: Does not qualify for free shipping.

Note: Glass jars are not insured by USPS or UPS due to excessive breakage. All glass jars are shipped at your own risk. By purchasing this item, you accept these terms and conditions.

NOTE: By law, honey is sold by weight, not volume.  All sizes shown are honey weight, which is not equivalent to liquid volume.   
Example: 12 oz container will hold 12 oz of honey, but only 8 oz of water.