Clip-on Lighted Magnifier

Clip-on Lighted Magnifier

Model #: QC107

Product Description

It's important to be able to inspect your cells with clarity and ease, and this clip-on magnifying glass will help you do just that. It magnifies up to 2x, and will allow you to view your cells for grafting correctly-aged larvae. It also clamps to the top of your frame or onto surfaces up to 2 in. thick! The flexible arm allows for optimal adjustment, and the LED lights brighten up your cells for clarity. Hands-free and easy to use!

  • Magnifies up to 2x
  • Clamps onto top of frame or surfaces that are up to 2 in. thick, so you don't need to use your hands to hold it
  • Flexible arm allows for optimal adjustment
  • LED lights make it even easier to see
  • Excellent way to inspect your cells without strain and with ease