10 Frame Cloake Board

10 Frame Cloake Board

Model #: WW182

Product Description

Looking to produce more queens in a more natural way? A Cloake board is great for doing so, and is especially helpful when you have a small number of colonies. The board is a means of creating an entrance between two hive bodies. It also has a sliding, removable board that serves to completely separate the two hive bodies.

To use, remove any queenless supers and deep hive bodies you have on your hive, fit the Cloake board on a queen excluder and place both on top of the bottommost hive body. Then place your hive bodies and supers back on top of it. Make sure that the queen is in the bottom hive body!

Place some brood frames in the hive body above the Cloake board, and slide the bottom of the board fully in place. This will completely separate the two hive bodies and reduce the queen pheromones entering the top hive. The nurse bees in the hive body above the board, thinking that they do not have a queen, will begin raising new queen cells.

Over the cycle of cell building, you can remove the slide to allow interaction between both parts of the hive.

  • Comes fully assembled and ready to use
  • Serves as an entrance between two hive bodies
  • Sliding board can be closed to fully separate both hive bodies
  • Fits over a queen excluder
  • Great for raising queens with or without grafting
  • Fits 10-Frame equipment

Additional Product Information

Cloake Board