8-Frame Cypress Double Screen

8-Frame Cypress Double Screen

Model #: WW-183

Product Description

Many beekeepers turn to double screen boards to maximize their colony's population and production or to start a new colony. The double screen is placed between two hive bodies and prevents bees from moving between the hive bodies, while allowing heat and air to circulate between them.

If you have queen swarm cells and are looking to either prevent a swarm or start a new colony, you can move the cells to above the screen, keeping the queen below the screen. Older bees will stay with the current queen, while new bees and nurse bees will tend to the queen cells above the screen. If a new virgin queen mates successfully, you can split the top hive body off and start a new hive. If not, just remove the double screen and rejoin the two hive bodies, and you've still prevented a swarm!

  • 8-frame
  • Made out of cypress
  • Double screen prevents bees from crossing screen, but still allows air to circulate
  • Place between two hive bodies
  • Helps prevent a swarm, start a new colony, or maximize the population of an existing colony