Apistan - 100 pack

Apistan - 100 pack

Model #: DC650

Product Description

Apistant has been one of the best and simplest defenses against varroa since the 1980s. It comes in a strip that you install in the hive. As bees come in contact with the strip, they pick up tiny amounts of taufluvalinate and spread it throughout the hive, killing any mites that come into contact with it. The taufluvalinate is released at a constant, controlled rate, with enough to last for 8 weeks.

  • Ten strip box (Use two strips per hive)
  • Contains taufluvalinate
  • Bees release the substance as they contact the strip, and spread it throughout the hive
  • Hard on mites; easy on bees
  • Will last 8 weeks

Note: Consider changing the treatments you use every season so that mites don't develop resistances to them. We offer many other treatments for your convenience and the health of your colonies.