Apiguard 50 g - 10 Count

Apiguard 50 g - 10 Count

Model #: DC805

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1-7 $39.95
8+ $35.95

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Product Description

Apiguard uses the naturally occurring substance thymol as its active ingredient in its patented, slow release gel to get rid of varroa mites. The gel ensures that the correct dose of thymol is released. Apiguard comes in 50-gram, ready-to-use aluminum trays. One colony requires two 50-gram treatments, 14 days apart.

  • Includes 10 50-gram trays
  • Uses the naturally occurring substance thymol
  • Patented slow release gel
  • Proven to control varroa populations
  • Use 2 of these trays to treat one colony of honey bees

Note: Consider changing the treatments you use every season so that mites don't develop resistances to them. We offer many other treatments for your convenience and the health of your colonies.

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