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Deep Hive Bodies Unassembled - 10-Frame, Bulk 36+

Deep Hive Bodies Unassembled - 10-Frame, Bulk 36+

Model #: WW500

Quantity Price
36-99 $19.95
100-249 $17.95
250+ $17.15

Product Description

Deep hive bodies traditionally house the colony's brood, drones, and reserves of honey and pollen. Our deep hive bodies, made from high quality eastern white pine, provide beautiful, dependable homes for colonies.

Our process:All of our woodenware is made with high quality materials in order to serve you and your bees for many years to come. We use eastern white pine lumber from the forests of the northeastern U.S. to build the many different pieces needed to make our hives.

First, each piece of pine is cut to the proper length and height. Then our equipment precision mills the interlocking finger joints, trims the boards to the exact length, and carves out the rabbet joints and easy-grip handholds. Finally, we pre-drill holes in the corner of each hive to increase the hive's strength when you assemble it. This crafting process happens entirely in our Kentucky facility.

  • 10-frame deep hive body
  • Unassembled
  • Natural, unfinished wood
  • Uniform interlocking finger joints for maximum strength
  • Pre-drilled holes for nails to prevent wood from splitting during assembly
  • Taper-cut handholds for an easy grip
  • Does not include nails or frame rests

Crafted from Select grade eastern white pine, the highest quality eastern white pine available. It has the least amount of imperfections allowed, and offers maximum strength and the smoothest look.

We also offer 8-frame and Commercial grade eastern white pine options.

Note: Nails and assembly instructions are not included. Frames and foundation must be purchased separately.

Additional Product Information

Directions for Assembling Hive Bodies & Supers