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Beekeepers share a passion for learning and growing, so be sure to take advantage of our educational resources where we provide information for first time beekeepers, hobbyist, sideliners and commercial operators. As the old apiary saying goes… “Ask ten beekeepers a question and you’re sure to get twelve different answers.” Needless to say, that can get a little confusing. Our education section is designed to help you sort through all the “what ifs” and “what do I do when…” questions, even when you do find there are indeed several different ways to get similar results. It’s our desire to be your first choice for beekeeping knowledge and know how.


Newbee and Hobbyist


Commercial Operators


Beekeeping 101 Classes

Kelley's offers Beekeeping 101 Classes the first Saturday of the following months: November, December, January, February, and March. The class covers all bases on the first year of beekeeping. For more information, click here. 

Beekeeping 201 Classes

Kelley's offers Beekeeping 201 Classes the third Saturday of the following months: January, February, and March. The class covers the in-depth details of successful beekeeping. For more information, click here.


A new tool for your beekeeping toolbox is our video library, which will highlight products that Kelley’s carries as well as instructional videos to help you get through beekeeping procedures such as your first package installation or honey extraction, just to name two.  

Our video library is continually growing and the topics ever expanding. Do you have an idea for a tutorial video - simply email us to make a suggestion!

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How to install a 3 lb package of bees

New to beekeeping? Unsure about how best to install a package of bees? This video presented by Kelley Beekeeping, manufacturer of quality beekeeping supplies since 1924 will guide you step by step through the process of installing your package of bees and queen so that your first beekeeping activity is a pleasant and thrilling experience!

Kelley Pollen Trap

Kelley's Pollen Trap yields very clean pollen and can easily be turned off and on without removing the trap. Comes fully assembled. This video highlights the use of the trap for both top and bottom mount.

Kelley Beekeeper Helmet and Veil

Kelley Helmets are adjustable, waterproof, and have hooks to hold veil next to rim and include a chin strap. The veils are constructed here in Clarkson, Kentucky in the USA!!! Presented here is a square folding veil (we also have a round veil) and both are constructed with #10 black steel mesh.

Honey Uncapping

This video provided by the Kelley Beekeeping Company features Earl as he leads you through the process of uncapping honey using a uncapping tub set (item #2640).

Extracting Honey

Are you ready to extract honey? Be sure to watch Earl from the Walter T. Kelley Company as he leads you through the process of extracting honey using a three frame extractor (item # 2600).

So You Want to be a Beekeeper

So you want to be a beekeeper. Walter T. Kelley associates Kaytlin and Dana will share two of our top selling kits (item #365-N and 365-NE), answer many of the most frequently asked questions that new beekeepers have when getting started. You'll be shown the equipment you need to get started as well as become educated on frames, bees & queens.

Ventilated Coveralls and Jacket

Everyone wants the honey to flow and not necessarily their sweat. Our sales associate Kaytlin showcases the Walter T. Kelley Ventilated Coveralls (item #V65) and Jacket (item #V25) which will make your hive working much more pleasant.

Pollen Cleaner

The Pollen Cleaner (item #418) manufactured by the Walter T. Kelley Company is a great device to help you separate particulate matter from your pollen. Simply hit the "on" switch and watch it perform its task. Particles are removed and pollen is contained in the enclosed container.