Q: When can I place an order for package bees?
A: The earlier, the better! You can start ordering package bees as early as December. You can place orders from December through May, with pick-up or USPS shipment occurring each Saturday in April and May; however, we are only able to purchase a certain quantity for each bee Saturday and please remember, they are first come, first serve. Order early!

Q: What type of queens do you sell, and are they guaranteed?
A: We sell Italian and Russian-Hybrid queens and guarantee our queens to arrive healthy and egg producing. Should you find that your queen is not producing eggs within 10 calendar days of installation, simply notify us and we will send you a replacement queen. Customers are responsible for shipping.

Q: Are the bees that I'll be receiving from the same hives originally?
A: No, these bees are likely from different hives and have never encountered the queen that is included with the package. There are approximately 10,000 bees in a package.

Q: How can I track my order?
A: We ship via UPS and USPS. You should receive a tracking number when your order ships.

Q: How can I make a return?
A: If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, please contact our Customer Service at kyreturns@kelleybees.com. Or you may mail your package back to Kelley Beekeeping with a letter stating whether you would like an exchange or refund. Please make sure to include your current contact information including phone number and address. Customer is responsible for shipping items back to Kelley Beekeeping.

Q: Do you purchase wax?
A: We do! Please give us a call to turn your wax into cash or foundation! Wax working is now available with a 25-lb minimum.

Q: Do you offer tours?
A: Yes! Visitors are always welcomed during our normal business hours, Monday through Friday. Please call ahead so we can make your visit the most enjoyable.

Q: How do I know which postal zone I'm in?
A: Check our handy chart to determine your postal zone for shipping.