106-B Foundation For Comb Honey Supers, Qty. 100

106-B Foundation For Comb Honey Supers, Qty. 100

Model #: 96-008

Quantity Price
1-4 $48.95
5+ $42.37

Product Description

Our wax is 100 percent pure beeswax, molded to fit perfectly into each individual frame. This foundation is embossed with 5.6mm cells that are slightly larger than standard, but not large enough to be considered drone foundation (6.4 mm) by the queen. This will be unusual to the queen and she will prefer not to lay eggs in it, which is one method of producing comb honey without the use of a queen excluder. However, if this foundation is left on the hives over the winter, the bees will have time to rework it into drone foundation. So be sure to remove all 7/11 foundation from the hive before winter!

  • 7/11 milled comb foundation (no wire)
  • 5-1/4 in. x 16-3/4 in.
  • Fits medium, 5-1/4 in. D style frames Item No. 16-DA
  • Cells are slightly larger than standard size
  • Excellent to use for the production of comb honey

We also offer other types of foundation in various quantities. These options include: wired with hooks, wired with no hooks, plain (no wire), thin (comb honey), or 7/11 milled.

Note: Wax becomes brittle during freezing weather and may be held for unfavorable weather conditions. We cannot ship wax below 32 degrees. Wax items may be held until April 1st, 2017, depending on daily temperatures. Please call with inquiries for shipping details.

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