10-Frame Gable Roof Hive Cover - Aluminum

10-Frame Gable Roof Hive Cover - Aluminum

Model #: WW754

Product Description

Get the look of copper without the price! Give your bees a stylish home this year with a gable roof aluminum top cover. Not only will it serve to ventilate and insulate, but it'll also inject a lovely, rustic aesthetic into your garden - all with the durability that aluminum offers. No need to worry about patina here.

    Features of this top cover:
  • Constructed of copper-colored aluminum and pine
  • Fits standard 10-frame hive
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Stylish gable roof design with inner ceiling to avoid burr comb
  • Includes screened ventilation

We also offer migratory outer covers, and outer covers made from wood and metal, plastic, and copper.