Model #: DC825

Product Description

GardStar is used as a ground drench to help control small hive beetle populations in your hives. It is effective in killing small hive beetle larvae and fire ants. Apply it to the ground around your hive - do NOT apply it inside the hive. We suggest using a watering can to apply it, as it makes it easier to prevent the liquid from coming in contact with the hive. Treatment lasts 2-4 months, depending on rainfall. A 4-oz. bottle of this product will make 23 gallons, and one gallon will effectively treat the soil around 6 colonies.

  • 4-oz. bottle of GardStar
  • Will make 23 gallons of effective treatment
  • Ground drench that goes around your hives
  • Effective at killing small hive beetle larvae and fire ants
  • Treatment lasts about 2-4 months
Due to shipping restrictions product cannot be shipped with USPS or by air.

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