Glass Hex Jars with Gold Caps

Glass Hex Jars with Gold Caps

Model #: 634, 635, 636, 637, 638

Product Description

It's such a sight to see your own honey displayed in honeycomb-shaped glass jars. These six-sided hex jars are excellent examples for storing small amounts of honey, and are really great for events or samples. They come in a variety of sizes, and the included gold twist lids bring out the golden hues in your honey. These elegant jars are a must have!

  • Perfect size for giving away at events, in wedding gifts, or as party favors!
  • Six-sided shape evokes the image of honeycomb
  • Gold twist lids enhance your honey's hues

Note: For additional security and food safety, we suggest using our 43 mm Poly Foam Pressure Seals (Item No. 426) and 43 mm Shrink Bands (Item No. 461).

Note: When ordering large quantities, call for best shipping quote!

Note: Glass jars are not insured by USPS or UPS due to excessive breakage. All glass jars are shipped at your own risk. By purchasing this item, you accept these terms and conditions.