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Goatskin Gloves

Goatskin Gloves

Model #: KC120, KC121, KC122, KC123, KC124, KC125, KC126, KC127

Product Description

Goatskin gloves offer a great balance of protecting your hands from bee stings and giving you dexterity while working with your apiary. Made of smooth, pliable goatskin leather, these gloves come with sleeves that have double mesh-padded vents to keep air flowing over your arms without letting any bees in. Sleeves also have an elastic top.

  • Made from smooth, pliable goatskin
  • Allows for greater dexterity and a surer grip when working with your bees, while protecting your hands from stings
  • Sleeves have a double mesh-padded vent and an elastic top
  • Machine wash cold, line dry