RF721-Hive Side Picture Guide

RF721-Hive Side Picture Guide

Model #: 94-568

Product Description

With the Hive Side Picture Guide, you won't need to lug around a giant compendium of bee diseases to understand what's going on in your hive. Compact and portable, this visual-focused guide is incredibly light and easy-to-read. You'll have easy access to the information you need out in the field. Written by Joe Zgurzynski, illustrated by Huong Bui, and photographed by Dan Dexter.

  • 3-1/3 in. x 2-1/10 in.
  • 14 pages, ring-bound
  • Clear, high-resolution images to help you identify what you are seeing in your colony
  • Covers basic bee biology, diseases, and pests
  • Excellent for use in the classroom and other presentations, or if you're a new beekeeper who wants to learn in the field