3 lb Honeycomb Jugs - Without Lids - Qty. 126

3 lb Honeycomb Jugs - Without Lids - Qty. 126

Model #: CN301

Product Description

Add a bit of flair to your honey bottling with the beautiful honeycomb pattern that these jugs feature! They are made out of clear plastic, allowing everyone to see your honey's hues. Each bottle features double-indented handles for easy pouring. .

  • 3-lb. honeycomb jug - Qty 126
  • Made out of clear plastic with hex design on all sides
  • Features double-indented handles
  • Compatible with any of our 38mm plastic flip-top lids. (Lids sold separately) 

Note: Does not qualify for free shipping.

NOTE: By law, honey is sold by weight, not volume.  All sizes shown are honey weight, which is not equivalent to liquid volume.   
Example: 12 oz container will hold 12 oz of honey, but only 8 oz of water.