Honey Filled Candy

Honey Filled Candy

Model #: 270-L29, 270-S29, 270-S, 270-O29, 270-O, 270-M, 270-H29, 270-H, 270-G29, 270-G, 270-A29, 270-A, 270-M29, 270-L

Product Description

These candies are crunchy on the outside and filled with a soft dollop of honey on the inside. Whether you have a sore throat and are looking for some natural relief, or you just love the taste of liquid gold honey, this candy is sure to be a favorite of yours and your family at first bite!

  • Hard and crunchy on the outside with a liquid honey center
  • Accented with a cute, glowing stripe across the middle
  • Approximately 80 pieces per lb.
  • Made in the USA

If you need more than 1 lb. of these delicious candies, we also have a 29-lb. option. Other flavors available include apple, honey, grape, lemon, orange, and strawberry; or you can purchase a mixed bag and get them all!