You've got the honey, we've got the space you need to extract it. Located just inside our retail store, our fully equipped Honey House has everything you need to extract and bottle your honey.

We have 2 fully stocked stations available to rent by the hour. Our honey house has a refractometer available for use, and each station has an extractor, cold knife, uncapping scratcher, uncapping tub, and a heated bottling tank for bottling your honey. You can bring your own containers for bottling, or you can purchase a variety of styles in our retail store.

To make extraction easier, you can rent our Warming Room for 24 hours to warm your frames prior to extraction.

The Honey House is by appointment only. To reserve your spot, contact Customer Service today at (800) 233-2899.

Book Honey House


  • $50 per hour with no time limit
  • Full-day rental available, contact us for pricing
  • We offer 5-gallon plastic buckets for purchase for just $6.75
  • Warming Room - $10 for 24 hours


  • Monday-Friday 7:00 am - 6:00 pm CST
  • Saturday* 7:00 am- 2:00 pm CST
  • Closed Sundays and most major holidays

*The Honey House is open every Saturday, except for the months of October, November and December when it will be open only on the first Saturday of each month.

Before your Visit:

  • Please make sure your frames are free of brood or bees, and at least 80% capped
  • Bring your own protective clothing or apron
  • Honey containers and buckets can be purchased from our retail store
  • Bring your own containers for honey and wax - don't want your wax? Turn it into cash!

    We offer 2 ways to make your wax work for you!

    1. Wax for cash - we'll give you the highest dollar amount, according to grade. Up to $3.10/lb.
    2. Wax for store credit - trade your wax for credit to be used here at Kelley Beekeeping. Up to $3.30/lb.