10-Frame IPM Screened Bottom Board

10-Frame IPM Screened Bottom Board

Model #: WW090

Product Description

IPM stands for Integrated Pest Management, which is an approach to pest control that relies more on preventing pests in the first place, rather than treating an existing problem. This handy screen board is one that should be in every beekeeper's arsenal! It helps reduce your varroa mite count, offers better ventilation to your hive, and can help increase brood production. The included Corex debris board is pre-printed with a grid, which makes counting mites faster and easier.

When you're starting a new package of bees or re-queening, it's important to insert this debris board back into the bottom board, as it will help contain the queen's pheromone which makes for faster and easier acceptance, and helps to unify the hive. You also get an entrance reducer to control ventilation in the hive.

  • Screened board works to help control the varroa population in your hive
  • Offers better ventilation to your hive and can help increase brood production
  • Includes Corex debris board with pre-printed grid
  • Entrance reducer included
  • For 10-frame hives

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