KelleyBees Tees

KelleyBees Tees

Model #: TShirt-DSBL, TShirt-DMBL, TShirt-DLBL, TShirt-DS, TShirt-DM, TShirt-Q2X, TShirt-WS,
$16.50 $8.25

Product Description

Whether you identify as a queen, drone, or worker, let everyone know it! Our Got Bees? T-shirts come with three different words on the back: QUEEN, DRONE, or WORKER. Get a bunch of friends together or outfit your whole family and proudly show off your roles in the hive!

  • 50 percent cotton/50 percent poly black T-shirt
  • Available in sizes from Small to 2XL
  • Four color/wording combinations: QUEEN (pink text), WORKER (purple text), DRONE (green or blue text)
  • Great way to promote bees and responsible beekeeping while also enjoying a sense of humor