KML-MBXF-10-Frame KML Medium Super

KML-MBXF-10-Frame KML Medium Super

Model #: 99-420

Product Description

Medium supers are great either for additional room for your colony to store honey, or as a home base for the queen and her brood. The KML 10-Frame Medium Super comes fully assembled with pre-installed, wax-coated, natural-colored plastic foundation. This item can be used either as a brood box or a honey super!

  • 10-frame Langstroth medium super made of unfinished pine
  • 10 SGX style frames with pre-installed, wax-coated, natural-colored plastic foundation
  • Comes fully assembled
  • 5 frames crafted of unfinished pine
  • Precision-milled interlocking box joints for maximum strength

Note: Bees and other supplies must be purchased separately.

Tip: To increase success with plastic frames, try an extra coat of beeswax on your plastic frames. You can also try to spray some sugar-water on the frames before installation. Make sure you don't mix plastic and beeswax foundations in the same box!