Live Bees

Buy Live Honey Bees

Whether you’re just starting your first hive, or you’re looking to expand your apiary, we’ve got the package bees, queens and nucs you need. When you want to buy bees, we have packaged bees with your choice of marked Italian or Russian hybrid queens; and we have marked Italian and Russian hybrid queens available for purchase. When it comes to buying honey bees, we make sure to provide various package options and varieties to choose from. We also offer bee accessories that range from funnels to nuc mesh transport bags, so you have all the essential equipment to properly care for your live bees. Whether you’re buying honey bees through our online store or picking up bee packages at our facility in Clarkson, Kentucky, we make the process simple.

NEW for this year, we’re also offering 5-frame Nucs with a VSH queen.

We also carry 5-frame Nucs with a Purebred Russian Queen and 5-frame Italian Nucs that come with workers and a laying queen to help you build a strong colony quickly.

Our live bees are ready for pickup or delivery in the spring, but we recommend ordering yours as early as possible since quantities are limited! FREE SHIPPING does not apply to nucs or queens.

For more information on buying live bees, click here.