Drone Comb Frame - Medium - 72 pk

Drone Comb Frame - Medium - 72 pk

Model #: PF327

Product Description

Scientific evidence has shown that varroa mites are attracted to drone brood more than worker brood. If you don't want to use chemicals on your hives, the Drone Comb Frame is exactly what you need. Just place one of these frames into your hives, remove it once the drone brood is capped, and freeze it to kill any mites trapped inside. Once you've scraped off the cappings, simply place the frame back into the hive and let the workers clean it and prepare it for reuse.

  • Plastic (coated with beeswax)
  • Green color makes it easy to identify
  • Excellent means for managing varroa mite levels
  • Recommended that you buy two for speedy rotation