Model #: 7501, 7502

Product Description

Microbials are like a probiotic for your bees! Feeding Microbials to your bees helps with digestion and populates their intestines with beneficial bacteria to restore a healthy balance of microbial flora. Improved gut health and better digestion means better overall health for your bees. Microbials are 100 percent safe and easy to use all year long, but are most beneficial when used in spring, fall and during migratory movement. Direct Fed Microbials (DFM) need to be applied dry in the brood area as a supplement for the nurse bees. Comes in a heat-sealed and moisture-proof 3.52-oz. and 2.2-lb. pouchs.

  • Microbials help improve the health of your bees by restoring a healthy balance of microbial flora in the intestines
  • Improves digestion for overall healthier bees
  • Safe and easy to use all year, but most beneficial during spring, fall and migratory movement
  • Must be applied dry to the brood box as a supplement for the nurse bees
  • 3.52-oz. or 2.2-lb. heat-sealed and moisture-proof pouch