Native Pollinator BeeBarn

Native Pollinator BeeBarn

Model #: MB-100

Product Description

Want to boost your garden's health and productivity this year? Maybe your azaleas are looking a little lackluster, your cucumbers didn't take off, or you want to be more environmentally conscious - whatever your reason, this bee barn is an excellent way to attract solitary pollinator species to your garden.

With solitary bees including over 90 percent of all bee species, it's important to keep them in mind along with your honey bees! The Native Pollinator BeeBarn provides the appropriate material and cavity size to attract and multiply important solitary pollinators such as blue orchard mason bees and leafcutter bees. But don't worry, the BeeBarn does not attract carpenter bees.

  • 4 in. tall
  • Top cover comes in wood brown
  • Contains holes of various sizes to attract many different species of pollinators
  • Place between 15 in. and 7 ft. off the ground in a shady area for best results
  • Can be cleaned and reused for multiple years