Natural Beekeeping with Ross Conrad

Natural Beekeeping with Ross Conrad

Model #: BM098

Product Description

If you're worried about the increasing chemical resistance in mites and other bee parasites, you're not alone. This DVD is a filmed workshop run by Ross Conrad on organic beekeeping practices that follows the dos and don'ts of natural beekeeping. Intercut are segments filmed in the field to highlight Conrad's topics. It's an excellent in-depth dive into the world of keeping bees without pesticides and antibiotics.

  • Approx. 193 min.
  • Comprehensive coverage of practices to combat chemical resistance in pests
  • Discussions on apitherapy
  • Information on eliminating American Foulbrood disease without antibiotics
  • Explores selective breeding and hive management

Complementary to the book of the same name (Item No. 626)