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Brown Cell Cups - 110 Pack

Brown Cell Cups - 110 Pack

Model #: QC111

Product Description

These cell cups are a part of queen rearing using the Nicot method. They are made to be installed in a queen rearing cassette, where the queen will lay eggs into them. These cell cups are reusable, provided you allow your worker bees to clean them for 24 hours before allowing the queen to access them.

  • Replacement/extra cell cups for our Complete Queen Rearing Kit (Item No. QC-100)
  • Can be installed in a queen rearing cassette
  • Queen will lay eggs in them
  • Reusable, if you allow workers to clean them for 24 hours before introducing them to the queen

To use the Nicot method, place brown cell cups into a queen rearing cassette (sold separately) and place cassette into a frame in one of your occupied hives. Then place your queen inside the cassette. She will only be able to lay eggs into the cell cups you've provided, making grafting unnecessary. When you release the queen - make sure you know the timeline for queen egg and larvae development! - you will have larvae of the precise age for queen rearing.

Note: The Nicot queen rearing cassette (Item No. QC-100) and other components of this method are sold separately. If you are new to queen rearing or would like to purchase the essential items for queen rearing in one place, please take a look at our Nicot Queen Rearing Kit (Item No. QC-100).