Nuc Medium Box - Unassembled

Nuc Medium Box - Unassembled

Model #: NB-509

Product Description

A nuc (nucleus colony) is a small colony made up of a few thousand bees, all centered on a queen. Nuc boxes are perfect for raising queens, transferring colonies, splitting colonies, and even catching swarms. Having a nuc can give you a more solid foundation for a colony than you might get with packaged bees. Measurements 19-7/8" X 9" X 6-5/8"

  • 5-frame medium nuc box
  • Unassembled
  • Made of beautiful eastern white pine
  • Uniform interlocking finger joints for maximum strength
  • Pre-drilled holes for nails to prevent wood from splitting during assembly
  • Taper-cut handholds for an easy grip

Note: Does not include frames, foundations, or nails. Painting not available. Bees and other supplies sold separately.