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Nuc Screened Bottom Board

Nuc Screened Bottom Board

Model #: NB691

Product Description

This screened bottom board is a replacement part for your nuc box. The term "nuc" is short for nucleus colony, which is a small colony with a few thousand bees and a queen. Nuc boxes are versatile to have on hand; you can use nuc boxes to raise your own queens, for catching a swarm, or removing bees from an oversized colony to prevent swarming.

Now you can repair your nuc box instead of replace. This durable screened bottom board has a reinforced base for additional strength. The screen is made from tough bound hardware cloth. Also includes a removable debris board and slanted landing board. Fits standard 5-frame nuc boxes. Entrance reducer not included.

Screened bottom boards are great for both managing the varroa population in your hive, and adding extra ventilation (when used without the debris board). The included debris board makes mite counts simple and can be removed or inserted as needed.

Compatible with Nuc boxes measuring 9-5/8" width. 

  • Replacement screened bottom board for your nuc box
  • Reinforced base
  • Screen made from bound hardware cloth
  • Includes removable debris board and slanted landing board
  • Fits standard 5-frame nuc boxes