Observation Hive

Observation Hive

Model #: 346

Product Description

Watch your bees up-close as they go about their day-to-day activities, including building comb, storing honey, and raising brood. This observation hive comes with one frame and a Plexiglass viewing area perfect for showing off your bees in a classroom or showroom.

  • 1 hive super
  • 1 deep frame
  • 1 sheet of wired foundation
  • 2 feeder caps
  • 1 ft. of plastic entry tubing
  • Plexiglass
  • Nails and assembly instructions

Note: Extra observation supers (Item No. 346-S) and extra tubing (Item No. 346-H) are sold separately.

For more information on setting up and managing an observation hive, check out Observation Hives: How to Set up, Maintain and Use a Window to the World of Honey Bees ( Item No. 619 ).

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Observation Hive