Oxalic Acid

Oxalic Acid

Model #: DC-903

Product Description

Oxalic acid has a 97 percent efficiency rate, and applying it does not require you to open up your hive. Oxalic acid is a naturally-occurring acid found in many foods such as chocolate, beets, spinach, and peanuts. It gives such food a slightly bitter taste (think: dark chocolate). It also naturally occurs in hives, so, if used as directed, this acid will not harm any bees!

Oxalic acid will not control varroa mites in capped brood, so it's important to treat over the course of several weeks as the brood hatches. Use in late fall and early spring to minimize amount of brood present. There are three different methods of treatment. Make sure you follow directions exactly. Do not have honey supers on when you treat!

  • 35-gram pack of oxalic acid
  • Will treat 35 colonies with the use of a vaporizer
  • Proven to be 97 percent effective at killing varroa not in capped brood
  • Use in late fall or early spring so that minimal brood are present
  • Naturally occurring organic acid

Note: Although using oxalic acid has been approved by the EPA, individual States must approve its use as well - check with your State to make sure!

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Note: Consider changing the treatments you use every season so that mites don't develop resistances to them. We offer many other treatments for your convenience and the health of your colonies.