Plastic Jars and Plastic Caps

Plastic Jars and Plastic Caps

Model #: CN-071, CN-072, CN-073

Product Description

Whether you're looking to show your honey or simply store it for personal use, these plastic jars are great for showing off your bees' creation. They are cylindrical in shape, with a slightly indented, smooth center section that's perfect for labeling. Jars come with 70 mm white plastic lids. Seals are sold separately.

  • Qty. 12
  • Clear plastic material is great for showing off honey
  • Smooth center band makes labeling easy
  • Comes with 70 mm white plastic lids

Note: For additional security and food safety, we suggest using our 70 mm Poly Foam Pressure Seals (Item No. 429) and 70 mm Shrink Bands (Item No. 465).