Pollen/Syrup Feeder

Pollen/Syrup Feeder

Model #: 12

Product Description

Keep your bees fed with this pollen/syrup feeder! It's made up of a 4-3/4-in. super, plus a durable one-piece plastic liner and a safety screen to help prevent your bees from drowning. Large 4-gallon capacity. Replacement liners (Item No. 12-I) are available and sold separately.

  • Pollen/syrup feeder
  • 4-3/4-in. super
  • One-piece plastic liner
  • Safety screen
  • 4-gallon capacity
  • 10 Frame Only
IMPORTANT: We do not recommend using this Pollen Syrup Feeder with a Plastic Outer Cover (Item No. 49A) due to the risk of bees accessing the pollen syrup and becoming trapped.

Additional Product Information

Assembly Instructions for Hive Top Feeders