10-Frame Propolis Trap

10-Frame Propolis Trap

Model #: HD-370

Product Description

Propolis, a sticky substance made by bees to seal up cracks and spaces in their hives, is gaining in popularity and value as a natural product of bees. Many beekeepers collect and sell this substance, which is it's valuable to own and use at least one propolis trap.

To use, remove your inner cover, put this trap in place of it, and crack open your outer cover a small amount to let in some light. The bees will try and shut out the light by propolizing the trap (but not the outer cover, since they can't pass through the trap). When it's sufficiently propolized, replace the trap with your inner cover, place the trap into a bag, and put it in a freezer overnight. When you remove it the next day, twist the trap (while still inside the bag) and the propolis will fall off. Simple and efficient! Color may vary.

  • Propolis trap for 10-frame hives
  • Made of flexible plastic
  • Hands off and easy to use
  • Simply put on hive in place of inner cover (with outer cover slightly open), and bees will propolize the trap
  • To collect propolis, remove trap, freeze it in a bag overnight, then twist the trap to remove the propolis into the bag
Note: Color may vary.