Pure Beeswax - 1 lb Strip Wax

Pure Beeswax - 1 lb Strip Wax

Model #: FN042

Product Description

Our beeswax has been filtered through a fine-grade filtering cloth to bring you the purest expression of what our bees have made. This also allows the natural color to shine through, a color that ranges from light, creamy yellow to a soothing, deep yellow-orange. This variety of color is due to many factors, including which nectar it came from and the age of the wax, offering you a natural variety of colors for you crafting needs!

  • Thoroughly filtered, pure, and natural
  • Color may range from light yellow to near orange
  • Unscented
  • Ideal for candles, soap, lip balms, body lotions, cosmetics, crafts, and more

Available in 1-lb. strips (Item No. 285), 2-lb. blocks (Item No. 284) and 25-lb. blocks (Item No. 284-25)

Not sure what to use it for? We recommend The Candlemaker's Companion (Item No. 553) or The Soapmaker's Companion (Item No. RF201) to pique your interest in crafting natural products with beeswax.

Note: Densities of beeswax may vary, so weight is approximate.

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