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Queen Marking Tube

Queen Marking Tube

Model #: HD388

Product Description

It's important to be able to locate your queen amidst the buzz of a large colony. This queen marking tube makes it easy to mark your queen and track her once she enters a colony. The plastic construction makes it easy to see your queen, and the screened bottom makes it a breeze to mark her! Just place your queen in the tube and gently move her towards the screen with the plunger. Once her back is against the screen, mark her with a pen and then release her.

  • Queen marking tube (comes with plunger)
  • Made of plastic, so it's easy to see the queen
  • Screen bottom allows for easy marking
  • Gently push down the plunger to position the queen near the screen, then mark her

Note: Marking pens sold separately; see Item No. HD-380, HD-378, HD-373, HD-372, HD-379

Note: Although you can mark your queen with whatever color you wish, most beekeepers use the international queen marking color code to show which year their queen was introduced into the colony.

  • White: Years ending in 1 and 6
  • Yellow: Years ending in 2 and 7
  • Red: Years ending in 3 and 8
  • Green: Years ending in 4 and 9
  • Blue: Years ending in 5 and 10