Queen Rearing Essentials

Queen Rearing Essentials

Model #: BM346

Product Description

Whether you want to raise a couple queens a year or tens of thousands, Queen Rearing Essentials is an excellent source of knowledge for your queen rearing needs. Author Larry Connor, who has written for Bee Culture and the American Bee Journal, shares his wealth of knowledge on essential topics, including evaluating queens and a step-by-step overview of cell production.

  • Soft cover
  • 160 pages
  • Describes the queen rearing method using starter and finisher colonies that has proven highly successful
  • Detailed, highly practical manual for any beekeeper looking to improve the health of his or her queens and delve into the world of queen rearing
  • In-depth discussions on many topics, including queen and colony evaluation, biology of cell production, drone production, and evaluating new queens