Sideliner Powered Extraction Kit

Sideliner Powered Extraction Kit

Model #: KH146

Product Description

This kit is for the beekeeper who would benefit greatly from having a 6/3-frame extractor to help lighten the load! We've also thrown in a few other important and useful items to give you a more economical alternative to purchasing all of these products separately. Don't stress about the upcoming honey harvest - this kit has all you need to make it an enjoyable and memorable harvest!

    This kit includes:
  • 6/3 frame motorized stainless steel extractor with leg kit
    • Extractor will hold 6 shallow, 3 medium, or 3 deep frames
  • Bottling kit - 5-gal. bucket with lid - 1/4-in. gate - 1 600 micron honey filter - 1 200 micron honey filter
  • Uncapping system - Uncapping tub (with a capacity of 100-120 lbs. of honey) with lid - Frame holder - Economy capping scratcher

Note: All of these products are also sold separately by Kelley Beekeeping. If you would like more information on each one, please take a look at their respective product pages, either on this website or in our catalog.