Strainer Screens

Strainer Screens

Model #: KH-209, KH-209, KH-207, KH-202

Product Description

To ensure that your honey is as pure and free of pollen as wax as possible, it's helpful to use a strainer. This strainer screen will help you bottle purer and cleaner honey for your friends, family, and customers. Round and 5/8-in. deep, this strainer has a 1/4-in. perforated bottom and can hold about 5 gallons of honey. Just hook it onto the side of a standard tank and use with a strainer cloth.

  • Will help you bottle purer and cleaner honey
  • 5/8-in. deep with a 1/4-in. perforated bottom
  • Holds about 5 gallons of honey
  • Hooks right onto the side of your tank Note: There is a lead time of 2 weeks on all metal products. Strainer cloth and tank are sold separately.
NOTE: Item is custom made to order.  There will be a 10-14 lead time depending on time of year.