Tapered Summerfield Label

Tapered Summerfield Label

Model #: W17-250, W17-500, W17-1000

Product Description

These labels are custom printed with up to 4 lines of your information. Smaller labels have limited space. To ensure correct wording on your labels, please provide us your label information. Allow 2-3 weeks for printing and delivery. Missing information will result in longer processing time.

Label requirements vary from state to state. Kelley Beekeeping will not be held responsible for labels not meeting state requirements.

Recommended for
2-1/4 in. x 3-3/8 in.
1-lb. Queenline Glass Jars (Item No. 212)
1-lb. Bee-Embossed Clear Plastic Jars (Item No. 218)
1-lb. Clear Plastic Jars (Item No. 221A)
2-lb. Clear Plastic Jars (Item No. 222A)