690 - The Quest for the Perfect Hive

690 - The Quest for the Perfect Hive

Model #: 94-443

Product Description

In The Quest for the Perfect Hive: a History of Innovations in Bee Culture, the author delivers a concise, beautifully illustrated history of beekeeping, starting from beekeeping among the ancient Egyptians to modern-day beekeeping. Not simply just a walk through history, this book suggests that we can find clues to stop Colony Collapse Disorder by looking at clues from the past. For thousands of years, the honey bee has been a vital part of human culture. The Quest for the Perfect Hive not only offers a colorful account of this long history, but also provides a guide for ensuring its continuation into the future. Written by Gene Kritsky.

  • Hard cover
  • 216 pages
  • Written in English
  • Filled with beautiful illustrations on beekeeping throughout history
  • Learn about beekeeping throughout the centuries, starting with ancient Egyptians