357-Top Bar Hive

357-Top Bar Hive

Model #: 99-124

Product Description

Known now as one of the most economic ways to keep bees, top bar hives were first made in ancient Greece from woven pots with sticks laid across the top. Today, their modern form still requires no heavy lifting and no extra equipment, such as supers, foundation, or extractors.

The unique design of the sloping walls allows the comb to be built in a manageable size and discourages bees from building comb attachment to the walls. Best of all, harvesting is easy! Simply cut off the comb and leaving about 1/2 in. for the bees to rebuild.

    This top bar hive includes:
  • Standardized top bar unit
  • 20 foundationless top bars
  • 1 follower board

Crafted from Select grade eastern white pine, the highest quality eastern white pine available. It has the least amount of imperfections allowed, and offers maximum strength and the smoothest look. Manufactured at our plant in Clarkson, KY.

Note: Bees and other supplies must be purchased separately.

For more information on how to manage a top bar hive, check out Top-Bar Beekeeping: Organic Practices for Honeybee Health.