Unassembled Deep Frames - N Style - 10 Pack

Unassembled Deep Frames - N Style - 10 Pack

Model #: 9-NA

For Larger Quantities. Order 9-NB

Product Description

These N style frames are made of the highest quality eastern white pine and are made to fit deep hive bodies.

  • Dimensions: 9-1/8 in. x 17-5/8 in.
  • Unassembled, 10 Pack
  • N style (slotted top bar with grooved bottom bar)
  • Designed for wax foundation (with or without wires)
  • Made right here in our Clarkson, KY facility

N style frames were invented at Kelley Beekeeping - have a top bar with a slot running the length of it and a grooved bottom bar. The end bars are 1/2 in. thick with grooves running the length of them, and they are pre-drilled for support pins or cross-wiring.

This style of frame is designed for wax foundation, with or without wires. The foundation is loaded from the top and is supported by the end bar and bottom bar grooves. It is recommended to use some type of horizontal support for the wax (support pins or cross-wiring) for deep frames. 

You can find N style foundation here:

Note: We offer frames in many other styles and sizes. All of our frames are made from select grade eastern white pine, are locked at all four corners, and feature a heavy 19-in. top bar. These frames nail up square and tight, and should remain that way to serve you for many years.

Additional Product Information

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