Varroa Sampling Gizmo

Varroa Sampling Gizmo

Model #: DC-101

Product Description

It may have an odd name, but the Gizmo was developed and tested at the University of Minnesota and is one of the best, most accurate ways to see the mite count in your colony. It was designed to hold 300 adult bees from a colony and get an accurate count of the number of mites they may have, using a little bit of powdered sugar and a bin to shake out the mites into. You'll count the number of mites per the 300 bees, and divide it by 3 to get an accurate count of mites per 100 bees. This is an easy and effective way to keep tabs on the mite count in your colony.

Note: Read instructions provided for exact procedure.

  • Accurately and easily measures the mite count on 300 bees
  • Doesn't require a lot of prep work or materials
  • Allows you to sample in a standard way so you can compare colonies and have a better understanding of how to prevent or treat mites
  • Allows you to take more precautionary measures so your mite count doesn't get out of control
  • Lets you reduce miticide and chemical use on your colony